You’ve probably read it. If not, Tara Westover’s EDUCATED was my best read for 2019. Extraordinary story of resilience and the power of education to open a mind. Another nonfiction, Patrick Raden Keefe’s SAY NOTHING, opened my eyes to the sad, multi-lateral tragedy of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. And I can’t wait for publication of the next gem from Terry Tempest Williams, EROSION, due in the fall.


The well is nearly dry, folks. But the latest installment of BIG LITTLE LIES on HBO, the second season with Meryl Streep, is nearly as good as the first. And try to find LES MISERABLES, from Masterpiece, floating around somewhere in the on-demand biosphere. For the fall, I’m psyched about the latest masterpiece from Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, COUNTRY WESTERN.


I’m waiting…and waiting…for something!