The Winemaker’s Daughter

“A good read, showcasing Mr. Egan’s lived-in sense of place as well as his knowledge of wine culture.” 

-The New York Times

A story of wine, love, fire and betrayal, set in the inland Northwest and northern Italy. The daughter is Brunella Cartolano, who sets out to save her father’s legacy, and in the process finds a place she can finally call home.  

What people are saying


The Winemaker’s Daughter is an action-packed, finely detailed portrait of the land and people of the Pacific Northwest.” 

-San Francisco Chronicle


“Larry McMurtry has Texas, Garrison Keillor has Minnesota and Louise Erdrich has the Northern Plains. With this novel . . . Timothy Egan stakes his claim as the voice of the Pacific Northwest. . . . A hugely impressive first novel.” 

-The Baltimore Sun


“A page-turner that manages to avoid the trite and instead embrace truthful contemporary issues. . . . Well-crafted.” 

-Rocky Mountain News


“Moving. . . . Peppered with wonderful descriptions . . . knockout local color . . . [and] a portrait of Seattle that tempts you to buy a plane ticket to see the place for yourself.” 

-The New York Times Book Review


“The contours of the land seem to shape Egan’s characters . . . giving them unusual depth and binding them inextricably to one another. . . . The Winemaker’s Daughter may be Egan’s first novel, but it is obviously the work of an old hand.” 

The Columbus Dispatch


“An affecting work.” 

-The Dallas Morning News


“Egan knows the Pacific Northwest well and writes about it lovingly. . . . With a reporter’s eye for detail, Egan deftly delineates some hot-button issues of the late 1990s (redevelopment; the dot-com frenzy and inevitable bust; Indian casinos).” 

-Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX)



“Boils over with serious issues about winemaking in the West. . . . Oenophiles will revel in the wine-geeky details.” 

-The Oregonian


“An involving, complex, puzzling novel that is mystery and romance, literature and entertainment. . . . Egan cuts to the core and takes us on a journey rather unlike any other.” 

-Statesman Journal (Salem, OR)

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